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Stop council from black mailing police into even more concessions
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

It seems like the blog on this subject points to a lot of officers supporting members of this council. I feel this support by members of the police organization was based on the belief that the council would support them if they needed it. This council and the city manager is determined to destroy the progress this organization has had on crime and protection of the citizens of Manteca.

Our current chief of police reorganized the department to save the city over $300,000. As a thanks from the council and city manager, they set out to destroy this organization, by blackmailing the police into accepting more concessions, after they gave up so much already. The council and Black Bart said they would lay off 16 officers, if they didn’t agree to more wage and benefit reductions.

 Mayor Willie Weatherford and his den of spenders has had eight straight deficits and over half of these were when the state didn’t take money from the city. This mayor has lost control of the city to Black Bart, the city manager, who has embarked on a giveaway program, while whacking our police force severely. While doing this, he has set up a fee deferment program for incoming businesses that allows the companies to defer fee payments for five to ten years. He also gave land away for $1 to the county. Sales tax from businesses has been over emphasized,
In the past this council would make a deal with the devil to bring in businesses that insist on the lion’s share of the profit, when we need it the most.

The city bragged about receiving $300,000 a year from the Big League Dreams on their investment. The question is, what was our so-called profit for the past years? Spending and giveaways to big boxes and consultant hiring has resulted in eight deficits. And it is a damn shame that our police force is targeted to make up for the mayor and council’s deficit. We should fight to maintain our strong representation by our police force.

Fire off e-mail protests by the thousands protesting the council’s black mailing of our police force.

Fleener Richards
Sept. 27, 2009