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Stop viewing women as 2nd class citizens
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I just received a letter in the mail today, May 18. It was from a Joe Borges (if that is his real name, also no return address) from Tracy. It was concerning a letter I wrote to the Bulletin calling Steve Catalano a “chauvinist” because he felt that women were not equal to men, both physically and mentally. And that Caitlin Jones shouldn’t be a paratrooper.

First of all, Mr. Borges didn’t have the guts to write to the Bulletin. Since I have an unlisted address, I’m sure he probably found it on the computer. If he really bothered to read my letter, I said that women should have to pass the same test as a man which means I do not believe they should be given any special treatment.

It’s obvious that Mr. Borges also thinks of women as second class citizens. Let me quote part of his letter. “There are probably some G.I. Janes out there, God forbid. I sympathize with their upbringing and why in God’s name they would want to inject themselves into an organization that has as its goals to kill people and break things. They could be at home raising a family as should be the case. Please consider informing yourself to a better degree before addressing a subject about which you have no experience other then what you are told by your “whipped husband.”

Mr. Borges, my “whipped” husband does not tell me what to say or do, like I’m sure your wife, if you have one, does. My husband considers me an equal and we discuss our thoughts and ideas, even if we don’t always agree.

You need to stop living in the past and start treating women as equals, not something beneath you.

Charlotte Stafford
May 10, 2010