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Strange how theres no money for seniors, veterans
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin.

In Wednesday’s Bulletin, the story “Social Security closes offices as demand soars” made me pause and ponder, if you will.

Retirees, who’ve paid into the system and try to contact the program that’s supposed to “be there” for them, are being faced with yet another government hurdle. Somewhat like the veterans, who are forced to wait forever, to register for treatment and then having another wait for treatment (if they manage to stay alive long enough to get it), have to clear government hurdles.

It’s such a shame, not having the funds for us and having service cuts etc., isn’t it?

Strange, how our government doesn’t have the funds for our seniors and veterans and yet they find the funds to cloth, transport, feed, house and provide medical and legal staff for the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants that are being brought over and housed at military facilities.

Welfare funds are still being paid out. Obama spending tons of money on yet another golf outing, Congressmen and women are still receiving all their pay and perks but seniors and veterans funds get cut.

Sure is strange.

I guess I could go on and on, but, strangely and sadly, nobody seems to give a darn anymore?


Al Barth