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Suggestions for traffic flow, parking in downtown Manteca
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The City of San Jose solved a traffic problem for people who mostly lived in the southern part of town and worked in the downtown area or the northern portion by eliminating almost all north/south through traffic.

1. 10th street was made one way for north bound traffic.

2. 11th street was made one way for south bound traffic

3. Stop lights on both streets were synchronized so that traffic traveling at a given speed could travel the distance without stopping.

4. Both of those north/south streets ended at east/west streets that are straight shots through town but are not popular for the traffic going through town.

Also I would eliminate the “bulbs” on Main Street that block a lot of curb parking and also blocking traffic by those making left hand turns at north bound traffic at Center and south bound traffic at Yosemite.

There is a lot of off street parking in the downtown area that is not being used that needs direction to it. Leave Maple Avenue as is.

Walter Brandhorst
Oct. 26, 2012