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Support Republican plan to help our schools
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

As a resident of the Central Valley, I pay taxes just like every other American who loves his country. This is why it is disappointing for me to have state politicians make promises they not only do not keep, but it seems they never intended to keep in the first place.

My years of parenting are long past, having place my girls in a variety of schools over the years, from excellent public schools, to private faith-based schools, to Department of Defense (DoD) schools at various locations around the world during my years of active military service. But it is the education of my grandchildren that causes me concern today.

The state of California has a GDP that is ranked eighth in the world, yet we struggle to provide adequate funding for our educational system. Where are our priorities? Now I read that the governor wants another $9 billion in taxes to be approved to pay for gaps in the state budget in areas like school funding. Furthermore, it is my understanding that if the governor’s proposed tax increase is rejected it will automatically trigger cuts. And at the same time they want to grow health and welfare programs! It’s time for Sacramento to get its budget woes in order.

Parents and taxpayers are already paying more than enough in taxes to support our schools. Get rid of such projects such as high-speed rail and focus on working from a balanced budget.

Therefore I recommend a Republican endorsed proposal currently introduced in Sacramento entitled, “Roadmap to Protect Classrooms and Taxpayers.” This legislative bill has been proposed by our assemblyman, Bill Berryhill and other Republicans in Sacramento. This is a $4.4 billion plan to balancing the budget and providing the necessary dollars for our classrooms. It’s a good start.

Charles R. Roots


May 3, 2012