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Support schools by supporting 55
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I’m writing in regards to Dave Campbell’s article on October 15 about Proposition 55.  He claims Prop 55 doesn’t tell the truth.  For 35 years, I have taught kids in our local schools to find facts to support their opinion so they can learn what Americans do:  engage in a vigorous but respectable debate.  So, let’s look at the facts of Prop 55. 
uProp 55 will not raise taxes.  If it passes, it will continue our current income tax rates in California.  If it fails, it will lower taxes, but only for the top 1% in California. Dave, do you really think the top 1% need a tax break at the expense of higher class sizes in our schools, cutting sports, arts and music, and reducing the school year?
uIf Prop 55 fails, Manteca Unified will lose $30 million a year and will need to make drastic cuts like they did in 2009.  Dave, do you want to go back to those dark days in our school district?
uIf Prop 55 fails, San Joaquin County public schools will face a total cut of $150 million a year.  Dave, what will happen to our local economy if you cut $150 million?
uCalifornia currently ranks last in the nation in class sizes which is 40% higher than the national average.  California currently ranks last in the nation in librarians and counselors per student.  We can’t get any lower than last.  Dave, do you want to cut education spending in California for a tax cut for the top 1%?
uIf you think that good schools don’t affect you, look at the value of your house in Manteca and compare it to the same house in Stockton. Dave, you might say you don’t care about a kid’s education, but you’ll care when you have to put 3 padlocks on your door and bars on your windows.  Statewide, high school drop outs cost the state of California $46 billion a year.  We need to invest in our students which is an investment in each and every one of us.

Ken Johnson
Manteca teacher