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Take America back from the socialists
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Congressional passage of government health care is a disgrace of the will of the American people.  I will never agree to anything that jeopardizes my children’s future or their well-being.

Obama and company can take their treasonous and traitorous one world government agenda and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. I don’t want my nation reduced to Third World status to meet Kenya’s standard of living just because Obama believes that ordinary citizens do not deserve to live well. All this cap-n-trade and health care reform nonsense is about is reducing our living standard to those of a Third World nation. George Soros is a regular visitor to the White House and we all know his view on how this nation will necessarily have to have their living standard reduced.

With all due respect, even with 10.2% unemployment, really around 18+% when you factor in all the other variables, most people are working. At least 82% of the working people have jobs of some sort or another! Maybe they are working for themselves, as well as others, but 82% of the working population is working! I do realize that the situation is not good, but it will improve for that 18% that are not working in time!

I think that since Obama, Pelosi, our stupid puppet master Congressman Jerry McNerney and the rest of the Democrats thinks this is such wonderful legislation that it should be applied to them first. They need their perks stripped, their pay dropped to national average of $45,000 with all taxes removed before they see a penny, and then they should be subjected to having to wait in line for care. Definitely what is good for the goose is good for the gander. These government leeches have become too pampered and need a good dose of what passes for reality for most folks in America.

Most families cannot afford to take a cut in pay to fund the tremendous tax burden that this legislation will place on working families

Cuba is a communist country. America is a free.....well, OK, America is a socialist country as well but we are ready to take it back from the socialists!

Robert Blanch
Nov. 8, 2009