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Take responsibility for your dogs mess
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I am so appalled about the disdain that dog owners have for other people’s property and the city streets. They let their dog or dogs urinate and defecate on other lawns, in the streets, on the sidewalk and in front of other homes’ driveways and garages. The most disgusting is during my daily walks when I have to constantly look down for if I didn’t I would step in a large pile of dog poop. And if that happened I would be real furious at the nasty person responsible.

Do (you) dog walkers really care about the unsanitary conditions you are creating? Evidently not, because I continually see and have to dodge more and more dog poop on sidewalks and in the streets.

Those dog owners that do not pick up after their dogs are filthy, filthy. And if you can’t be responsible you should not own dogs. Moreover their laziness and disdain for others that encounter their dog’s poop prevents me from enjoying my morning walks.

As a previous dog owner there are several products that can be purchased and used in your yard to degrade your dog poop.

Jacqueline Sue