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Takes Elder to task for calling Obama a Marxist
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I’ll take the bait even if I do not see any evidence of President Obama being anything like a Marxist. Larry Elders cites how private business built the first subway in New York City. In that case I’ll cite how General Motors bought the Red Line transit system in Los Angeles and drove it out of business so that it could force the use of automobiles.

What  is in the financial interests of a business is not always in the best interests of the American public. I find it peculiar that Larry Elders uses President Eisenhower’s building of the Interstate Highway System as an example of demonstrating that President Obama is a Marxist.

First, President Eisenhower was a decorated war hero who was responsible for leading the world in defeating Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Second reason being that President Eisenhower was a Republican. My personnel opinion and I consider myself to be a Blue Dog Democrat, is that President Eisenhower was a much greater President then he has ever been given credit for.

That being said I would rather live under President Obama’s Marxism then former Vice President Cheney’s Fascism. At least President Obama will never implement policies that ignore the United States Constitution.
Brian J. Handel
May 22, 2009