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Taxpayers & children deserve better
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Frankly, I am surprised more people have not written in regarding the goings-on with the Manteca Unified School District Board. Personally, I find it appalling the downtrend the board has taken as of late. I feel that if each trustee has only the children’s best interest at heart, and works with the board toward that end, this turmoil would end.

That being said, I feel our school children right now are being short-changer with all the politics and drama going on within the Manteca School Board. And, it appears, one particular board member is in the forefront of it all. I do not recall there being such disruption within the school board in the 43 years I have lived in Manteca. After the fact, the general public is finding out that a particular board member allegedly filed fraudulent election paper is order to get elected. 

This board member is also dealing with other felony charges. Our children should have better examples to look up to. (Actually, I didn’t think a person with a felony record could serve in this position.)

Our school board needs to get back to doing what they were elected to do, and that is to give each child the best education they can every day the children are in school. I have to say, having put two children through school within the Manteca Unified School District and up until recently, the school trustees have done an excellent job of serving the children. Today, there is so much political turmoil within the school board that the children’s needs are being neglected. The taxpayers and the children deserve better. 

As far as sending any board member on a trip to further their education toward being a better educator, I say no. This should have been taken care of up front – elect someone that is an educator. Besides, there are plenty of on-line programs for that. With today’s technology, multimedia and video conferencing is out there for any board member who wants to take advantage of it and save money for the district at the same time. And for those who truly have the children’s education in mind, please consider going back to taking care of the children’s needs. That’s what the school board is all about. Eliminate the turmoil. Don’t let this trend continue!

Dee Wackerly