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Taxpayers handed raw deal for LA Olympics
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The taxpayers of this state are receiving a political shafting from the Governor and the Legislature. 

The news revealed that the Legislature passed a $280 million guarantee that would cover a loss on the Olympics if there was a cost over-run on the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028. They also passed a $30 million fund for DACA to fight deportation of illegals. This Governor and Legislature just passed a gas tax and now they want to spend us back into a deficit with this kind of commitment. It is my contention that if Los Angeles takes a loss, then they shouldn’t host the Olympic’. Recently countries have taken a financial loss by hosting the Olympics.

 It is also evident that Olympic performers use this event as a stepping stone to riches. They no sooner get out of the Olympics when they are approached by endorsements and fees for showing on TV stations. It isn’t about country pride anymore it is more of a get rich stepping stone. Isn’t it great that the taxpayers eliminate Los Angeles’ chance of losing money by securing the risk with $280 million in our taxes. Is it the taxpayers’ obligation in California to front money to law firms to fight DACA deportations? Thanks Northern California as your taxes will help cover any loss LA suffers hosting the Olympics. In my opinion this is why people want Northern California to become independent of the South.

We are growing tired of the bulk of our taxes being channeled to Southern California. We are the victims of irresponsible spending by our State Government.  

Fleenor Richards