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Tea Party shows Americans lack common sense
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I would like to thank the Democrats in both houses for passing health care reform. It is only a start. When there is a public option real reform will be possible. The wealthy are doing all they can to keep the old cash cow working. A public option is a must and must be instituted for this to work well.

I am amazed at how the rich that have been sticking it to the working class can advertise and have the average Joe Blow believe that by having health care we are losing our rights. Common sense is not too common in America as shown by the Tea Party movement. Just like Hitler, let an idiot stand on a box and talk and they will get a following. I see people every day with no job/health insurance/or money and talk about how this country is being taken over by people that are destroying the American Dream. Don’t they realize the dream was taken away over the last eight years? Just a point in fact, Bush said the greatest thing an American could do was send their sons & daughters off to join the military.  I think he has two daughters and I did not see them signing up for anything except another round of booze.

Eric Johnson
April 11, 2010