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Teachers getting unfair blame
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Regarding all the editorials and statements made in reference to the five of the six employee groups agreeing to take 5 percent pay cuts:  It was not difficult for the five employee groups to accept the pay cuts. They have a “Me,Too” clause written into their contracts. If teachers (the 6th group) get, for example, a 3% pay cut, those five employee groups will receive the same cut. However, if teachers get an 8% (again just an example) pay cut, the five groups can still take their 5%.Therefore, the five groups can look like the “heroes” while the unsuspecting public watches, not knowing that the teachers’ union is doing all the fighting.

 Yes, I am a teacher of 18 years. I have been called selfish and uncaring by a stranger (customer) at Carl’s Jr; mean and selfish by a parent at a board meeting. (She addressed that remark to all teachers there.) Teachers are none of those things. Pay cuts won’t save jobs. Pointing fingers won’t either. Aren’t we all on the same side - here for the children? This horrific situation is hurting all involved and pitting employees against each other.
 Robin Alexander
March 19, 2009