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Teens make a lot of bad decisions
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

As I was reading the Bulletin of April 20 on page A4, I saw a question in big print, “Why were teens walking along highway at 1 a.m.?” Before I read the letter I knew the answer: “because they wanted to.” I read on to see what the writer had to say.

Robert Teglia goes on to question the wisdom of the teens and then goes on to question the responsibility of the parents. In no way does this writer seem to realize that teens are not mature and often do not use good judgment. The parents were not nearby so how can we think the teens had their OK for the walk?

Anyone that has been a teen has a pretty good idea on how they think. I was a teen and made a lot of bad decisions. My friends and I were always looking to get away from “the folks” so we could do our thing. My parents worked, took care of the house, and paid bills. At night they were tired while my friends and I were restless to have fun. I do not blame my parents for the dumb things I did.

I am not convinced teens have changed a whole lot. If that is the case, I believe there are things adults can do to help prevent problems. In many ways teens are more apt to listen to friends and teachers than they are to their parents. To help prevent occurrences, like Mr. Teglia mentions, it would be helpful if teachers took a little time to read newspaper items and talk about making good decisions. Isn’t that part of a good education? Churches could do the same thing.

Also, the DMV could make sure teens applying for drivers licenses were made aware that highways were made for the benefit of motorists and not pedestrians. People walking on highways should be apprehended and questioned. Offenders should be asked to do community service and maybe spend a night or two in custody

Tomas Diaz