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Tells McNerney things arent getting better
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The following is an open letter sent to Congressman Jerry McNerney:

Under your watch the government sent a trillion dollars to bail out the banks and the banks are still broken.  Under your watch the government sent several billion dollars to the auto makers and they’re still broke.

 Under your watch our children and grandchildren were burdened with a medical plan that will bankrupt our nation. Under your watch we sent close to a trillion dollars of taxpayers’ money to do shovel ready jobs that weren’t shovel ready.  Under your watch we loaned green businesses hundreds of millions of dollars to produce a product or group of products that there is no demand for and thus the companies are failing.  Under your watch unemployment in your district continues to be above the national average and still you do nothing. 

 Now we have a new jobs bill that no one has seen that we must pass now!  That if passed, will  enhance the downfall of Social Security by taking away its funding, spend additional money on more transportation projects with little or no oversight with money we don’t have and with little hope of solving the problem of producing jobs.

When do you look out your rose-colored glasses and see that what you are doing is not helping and look for a workable solution, just one solution other than blaming the Republicans and calling the Tea Party rabble-rouser or terrorist.  Under your watch Mr. McNerney it is not getting better anywhere for anyone in District 11, with the possible exception of those who shouldn’t be here in the first place.  Please try and do something right for the people before we, the people, vote you out of office in your next election.

Bill Maynard
Sept. 8, 2011