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Thankful for neighbors, firefighters
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Thank God for good neighbors. I live out on Airport Way on the San Joaquin River just south of Manteca. 

We had a grass fire jump the river out here Tuesday because of the high winds. As it worked its way toward our homes neighbors, local and long distance, pitched in and saved all but one of our homes. A big thank you to the Cardoza and Dutra farming families as they brought monster plows, dozers and water trucks. Also, a big thank you goes to Cal fire. They flew in with air drops from Columbia and Hollister. Also thank you for the regular and volunteer fire districts from Collegeville, City of Manteca, French Camp, Tracy and Lathrop-Manteca. 

Everyone worked together with heavy equipment, hoses and shovels. Because of this great outpouring we were able to save most of our homes. Again, a big thanks goes to all the people that helped. 


Jim Dorroh