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Thanks police officer writing ticket
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I read the letters to the editor concerning ‘”An open letter to the Manteca Police Department.”

It seems that all too often, when a person chooses to violate traffic laws they want to blame the police officer when they are caught.

Most of us will not experience being the victim of violence such as murder, robbery, kidnapping, etc.  but most of us will be involved with or witness a traffic collision.  Believe it or not, traffic collisions involve a violent act by one or more persons.

When a person chooses to violate traffic laws then he/she puts themselves in the position to be a perpetrator or victim of a traffic collision.  These collisions can be as simple as a “fender-bender” or as cruel as a horrendous loss of life.

Because a police officer pays attention to “small insignificant” violations which many of us do we are much safer and my thanks go to those conscientious officers.

Ed Estes
Nov. 23, 2009

P.S. The folks at El Rancho are without excuse.  The signs are clearly visible and there are two entrances and exits.