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Thanks so much for saving the rest of us from ourselves
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

You folks know who you are: congratulations, you have achieved a resounding victory.  Now let’s review what you’ve won.  On a national level you are obviously content to continue “forward” with record highs in unemployment and government welfare rolls, and with runaway deficit spending.  Thank goodness, however, you were able to stave off that war on women.  That was a close one!

 At the state level you solidly cemented a supermajority for the political party that, for the last several decades, has managed to run California, once the most prosperous state in the nation, into financial ruin.  Now that party reigns with impunity and, with this new mandate, will no doubt finally lead California directly to prosperity. Oh, and congratulations also for voting not to voluntarily raise all of our taxes, to restrain the power of the unions, and to make it easier for companies to do business in California...oh wait, you didn’t do any of those things.

 One can’t help but admire your ability to totally disregard the past, vote for the more of the same, and somehow expect a different result.   I’d always heard that that was the classic definition of insanity, but hey...keep thinking of yourselves as enlightened and progressive.  Thanks so much for saving the rest of us from ourselves.

Ken Ross
Nov. 10, 2012