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Thanks to Aquila for again telling the truth
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I have always enjoyed the articles written by Mr. Aquila. I am sure the Democrats cringe when he lays everything out. I am also sure they will try to attack him personally as I have seen several times over the past years.

I’d like to follow up on this article to add a little insight being I’ve been following this agenda for close to 40 years. Do not be fooled! The whole world is impatient about coming together in a “One World Government.” The only thing holding up the whole process is the American dollar which is being made to collapse intentionally. Then we are going to lose our United States Constitution and all our rights because they won’t be worth the paper they are written on. It is all about change and Obama even warned us about it, remember? “America is the greatest nation in the world -help me change it!”          

The Euro is about to become our currency and what represents true Christianity is the only thing holding it back. We are about to become a confederacy consisting of the United States, Mexico and Canada. Most people up on what is happening are aware of that but, what most American’s don’t know is this, “confederacy government” will supersede any individual governments in the confederacy. Don’t laugh! Government’s benefit--people won’t in a secular liberal government but will pay for it!

This is just what has happened with the eastern nations under the Euro. They have had several million men protest marches since their losses of freedom of religion, free speech, gun control, etc… The Bobby’s (Britain ’s Police Force) never had to carry guns until they made a law and took the guns away from the people. Now the Bobby’s are required to carry guns! They at least can protect themselves from the crocks who have the guns and aren’t afraid to use them. Sadly especially, against those who aren’t allowed to have them, the people. Haven’t heard about it? Well thank your liberal press. In fact, our conservative papers haven’t done a very good job either, including Fox News.

Thank you Mr. Aquila for once again telling the truth.
Robert Blanch
March 16, 2009