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Thanks to those who serve America
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Not long after arriving at my parents’ home on Father’s Day, my sister handed me the Saturday edition of The Bulletin and showed me the letter from Penny Winston regarding her Marine son and the hateful comment made by a complete stranger wishing for his death.

My first thought was. ..I suppose the pick-up driver was just outraged by his belief that we are fighting a war about oil... as he sped off, consuming 10 mpg.

Then I remembered -  we live in a time when a member of our President’s administration (Ms. Napolitano) can call my brother who is a church-going, Republican, proud 26-year veteran of the U.S. Army - a potential terrorist and suffer no consequence (or even be reprimanded).

Let freedom ring.

And to Penny’s son and all the men and women who volunteer to serve our country, protecting the rights of everyone (including jerks like the guy in the white pick-up) - THANKS!
 Deanna Mulvihill
June 22, 2009