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The Art of Thanksgiving
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

My aunt was born and raised in Iowa and spent her adult life in the Chicago vicinity.

She was a school teacher when she was 18 and living on a farm with her family. Reading was something she loved to do. Quite often she sent books to her nieces and nephews who lived in Southern California: my brothers, sister and me. I remember looking forward to the holiday themed books she would send my grandmother as gifts. We would read them together and in later years, I would read to her. Recently, I came across one of the small little pocket books titled “Thanksgiving Treasures.” Written in the early 1960s, the chosen biblical verses, short poems, and brief messages all spoke to a nation of that era.

But sometimes there is a message that needs to be shared that never loses its importance. Since is the case for the following that I want to give to you at this Thanksgiving time. Written by Wilfred A. Peterson, “The Art of Thanksgiving” was part of a larger collection of thoughts in his booked titled “The Art of Living.” Sp, as you gather around family and friends at this special holiday time of giving thanks. see if his words have some meaning for you. Maybe you might even share them with those you love:

“The Art of Thanksgiving”

The art of thanksgiving is thanksgiving. It is gratitude in action.

It is thanking God for the gift of life by living triumphantly.

It is thanking God for your talents and abilities by accepting them as obligations to be invested for the common good.

It is thanking God for all that men and women have done for you by doing things for others.

It is thanking God for opportunities by accepting them as a challenge to achievement.

It is thanking God for inspiration by trying to be an inspiration to others.

It is thanking God for each new day by living it to the fullest.

It is thanking God by giving hands, arms, legs, and voice to your thankful spirit.

It is adding to your prayers of thanksgiving, acts of thanksgiving.


This year have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving by outing into practice the “Arty of Thanksgiving.”


Bill Lebo