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‘The Brown Streak’ & ‘Brown Water Project’
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

After reading a letter to the editor in the Modesto Bee — which I was surprised to see in that highly liberal paper — Mr. Laney Dwight Valek wrote that Gov. Jerry Brown wants a train so his name will be around after he’s gone. So he suggested that we call it “The Brown Streak” and call the twin tunnels “The Brown Water Project”.

 What gets me is that in 2008 we did vote for that train. Florida didn’t want it because they knew better. So Jerry says vote for this it will only cost $8 billion. We did, but now that 8 is times 10 and it’s time to dump the train. Gov. Brown brags about taking over California when we were in debt, and now have a rainy day fund. But does that explain why California is the number one poverty stricken state in the US? 

I hope that our new Governor can straighten some of this mess out including the sanctuary laws that de Leon authored and have cost innocent people their lives including the Newman police officer.

 Dean Meeuwse