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The difference between a bad & good haircut
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Dan’s Barbershop on Maple Street is under new management; while Dan will continue to be my barber (until he retires) he has sold the shop to “Gloria”.  We met the last time I was there and I found her to be very agreeable, an important trait in a barber; as a matter of fact we got along quite well and I have to admit that I like her, though I’ve not given any thought as to who Dan’s replacement will be.  

My father was a professional barber and cut my hair the first 18 years of my life, until I went into the Army.  When I read of the recent miscommunication you had with a barber (not your regular barber) I’m reminded of what my father used to say: “The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks.”  Nevertheless, a good barber would know how to cut your hair by just looking at it, even if he had never cut your hair before.  However, it is contingent upon you to always go to your own barber because this is a highly personal service; barbers are not interchangeable.  As for female barbers, the barber shop is just another male enclave which the feminists have been allowed to subvert.  Barber shops are not hair styling salons such as women usually attend, called beauty shops. A male professional would never have done that to you.  It’s not funny.  

It is just this kind of male tolerance that has energized the radical feminist movement; this is the stuff which creates misogyny.  Isn’t it ironic that weak, unassertive men are at least part of the reason the feminists ever got a start?  Now it’s gone so far that it will take civil war to break it!  And won’t they be happy when men are fighting over this issue?  These Wiccan slatterns have had this in mind all along.  Any father worth his salt has always seen how wrong it is to turn children over to strangers for their upbringing.  In America the inculcation of values has always been the province of the parents; not the state, not the county, not the neighbors but the family; mom and dad at home.  What we now have is a defacto matriarchy! Talk about socialism? This is far worse, complete sexism under the guise of equality!  I feel sorry for many modern children that are being conditioned to ignore their deepest needs and desires, and accept this arbitrary indoctrination, when their hearts cry out, “I want MY mommy!”  As for the new feminized male (that has been raised to believe that this is only normal, good and proper) he, like the feminist female, is in for a rude awakening.
 Steven J. Catalano
Sept. 22, 2009