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The difference between wisdom and knowledge
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I was asked by another elderly friend why our knowledge diminishes until age; and what of wisdom.

To be brief, we lose many facts and figures; however, the space lost or forgotten is replenished, for example we easily forget that in 1803 we bought the Louisiana Purchase, but we gained knowledge of the computer.

There is a story of a professor who visits an old Zen master for a lesson. The Zen master keeps pouring tea in an over flowing cup to the dismay of the professor.

“A mind that is already full cannot take in anything new,” the master explains. “Like this cup, we are full of opinions, attitudes and preconceptions.” In order to find new knowledge he teaches his disciple, he must first empty his cup.

And of wisdom, knowledge is knowing the pot is hot, wisdom is don’t touch.
Irving S. Shaw
May 18, 2009