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The GOP is definitely different than Demos
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
With all the talk going on one would think the issues are all ready set for the future of this once-great nation. Many people want to put the GOP in the grave by placing it closer to the middle politically. That would place it closer to the Democratic Party agenda and by so doing place the final nail in the coffin. Let’s get one thing straight...the GOP is not now or ever will be the same as the Democratic Party. There are too many differences in political philosophy.

First and most important, it is a matter of who is really in control of the government. The Democratic Party wants everyone to believe that the government should be in control and provide for the needs of the people. Note how they have so quickly taken control of the auto industry. The banking and mortgage business and aiming for the health care industry next. All the while they have on their agenda a fairness doctrine to curb talk radio (which will not apply to the print or television media which the Democrats control) and now placing a cyber czar to potentially monitor all Internet activity and curb opposition completely. Our founding fathers believed that any government big enough to provide for all the people’s needs is big enough to take everything you have. The “spread the wealth” mentality has never worked and it never will.

On the other side, the GOP believes in the constitution as it is written. Article 1 of the constitution says “All (repeat) all legislative powers herein shall be vested in a congress of the United States which shall consist of a senate and a house of representatives.” There is no provision for judicial lawmaking...again in that same constitution Article III, says the judicial power of the United States shall be vested in one Supreme Court. Section 2 says “in the judicial power shall extend to all cases in law and equity, arising under this constitution the laws of the United States and treaties made” note there is no mention of legislative powers or of right to policy-making by their court is... for decades the Democratic party has violated the constitution they have sworn to uphold as they took office. They see the inalienable rights we have as being given by our creator. The Democrat party president just said that this is not a Christian nation.

 The Democrats firmly support abortion while the GOP remembers that the Bible tell us that God knows the plans he has for us before we were formed in our mother’s womb. The Democrat party sees it as OK to play god in determining who is fit to live. If you doubt it watch how the Democrats fight to the death to prevent a pro-life judge from Supreme Court appointments. As for the same sex-marriage issue the Democrats forget that in Leviticus 18 verse 22 it says “you shall not lie with a male as with a female, it is an abomination” and in verse 24 it clearly says “ do not defile yourselves by any of these things for by all these the nations I am casting out before you have become defiled.”

 It is clear that the differences between the GOP and the Democratic Party are far ranging. Not so clear but still very apparent in the voices of those who support the Democrat party that there is very little room for facts and a lot of room for hate. It shows in the etchings they write and what they say no one has a right to disagree with them without facing strong hatred. The members of the GOP stand on a faith in God and on the strength of the constitution as the founding fathers wrote it. And family values with a government that provides an atmosphere to accomplish success not one that curbs it by spreading the wealth.

Mr. Baca needs to examine the agenda of his party and read the Bible where he will learn in many places where it says God promises to bless those nations that obey him and curse those who turn their backs on him. Further an examination of history will bear this out.
Jerry Johnson
May 30, 2009