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The Political Bible for Conservatives
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Frank Aquila’s “Sarah Palin: Out of Nowhere” is a book that all patriots who love this Nation should own and use as a guide, much as the Liberal/Socialists use Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. This book is very timely and informative about the direction this nation is being taken.

Recent polls show that 70% of the people do not like the direction this administration is taking this nation. Aquila has written a book that in my opinion should become the Handbook for Conservatives.

As campaign chairman of Central California for McCain 2008 Frank was able to have the input needed to promote Sarah Palin for V P. On page 27 Frank quotes Bob Pacheco the California Chairman of McCain 2008 “well I knew you had been lobbying for her quite a while and your e-mails did it.”

While the story of selecting Sarah is interesting it does not surprise those of us in the political organization South San Joaquin Republicans founded by Frank. We have seen his dedication, hard work and drive to accomplish events such as candidate’s night, candidate’s debates and political booths in a street fair. What did surprise us is that in his humility he never revealed his role in this selection process. Frank demonstrates the reason Sarah was such a great choice by presenting her qualities that he respected. Some include:

• At age 12 Sarah committed her life to Jesus, professing Him as her savior, and made a public confession of her faith when she was baptized with her mother and sister.

• Michael Reagan immediately recognized Sarah Palin as someone who had the similar qualities as his father.

There are many similarities between President Reagan and Sarah Palin. Both had become gifted public speakers and were sports broadcasters; both began a career in front of a camera. Both also had a strong faith in God. Reagan had a sense of destiny, while Sarah would call her pursuit of public service as a call of a “servant’s heart”.

This book is far more than the story about getting Sarah selected. This book spells out the reason this country is under this cloud, and exposes the red flags voters should have seen in 2008. Any American Patriot who is concerned about their country, needs to read this book , take ownership of the information, and stand up for getting this Nation back to being “of the people, for the people, and by the people.”

Jerry Johnson
Aug. 24, 2011