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The same old tune is wearing way too thin
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Twice in a row now, we have been subjected to words of wisdom from the apparently severely inebriated without a rebuttal. Not that one hasn’t been submitted, I assure you.

The most recent being Saturday’s letter (“Going ‘green’ will cause great economic harm to US”) by Scott McComas. In his latest indiscernible tune from his one-string banjo, you know, the one that sounds like “Republicans good, Democrats bad”, he claims:

1. Democrats are the doom and gloom party.   Uh-huh, see his last comment.

2. Obama is giving out erroneous economic data.      Of course he is, after all, he only has a small army of economic experts advising him while McComas has a red cape.

3. Leading economic experts including Obama’s small army, have it all wrong and only McComas is capable of providing educated  economic predictions, including those on unemployment trends.  Kind of like Manteca’s own Joe the Plumber with an oil powered calculator, we are to assume.

5. America has been misled by the, who else? Democrats of course. If anyone should be an expert on misleading America..... remember WMDs or the relationship between Iraq and Al-Qaeda, remember     Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield, Roberto Gonzales etc. etc.?

5. Democrats only exacerbate problems while Republicans solve problems.  And they have solved so many, right?

6. Drilling for more oil in the U.S. will solve the high cost of fuel and will, in fact, bring the cost of gas to under one dollar a gallon.  (Remember “Drill baby drill”)   McComas just doesn’t want to admit his one dollar gas prediction was just another cybernetic illusion. Does this guy work for Chevron or   something?

7. Burning more fossil fuels is the way to go while going ‘green’ will cause great harm to America. Yes, all leading environmentalists agree, we need to burn more coal. Global warming, after all is just God’s way of giving us a big warm  hug.

Do we really have to debate these ludicrous points again? Weren’t most of these brought up during the election campaign and didn’t the American voters already make up their minds? Isn’t that why the Republicans lost the last two elections? Is McComas stuck in some kind of black hole where even light and rational thought cannot escape? McComas seems to reside somewhere unknown to the rational population, where, it seems, time itself is an illusion and all matter is either stationary or imagined. Mostly imagined, wouldn’t you say?

Finally McComas warns us all, “Economic problems will strike us down with a vengeance unless we change away from the Democratic philosophy.” Apparently the economy will collapse and the world will plunge into darkness and all our children will be eaten by crazed Democratic cannibals who will feast on their diseased riddled bodies.

I will make one prediction, I predict that McComas will make another appearance, his one-string banjo not so subtly hidden under his little red cape.
Larry Baca
May 16, 2009