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The unfolding Obama drama
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 Editor Manteca Bulletin,
America reflects the face of its leader.  As America turned hard left into the liberal direction of President Obama and a liberal Democrat filled congress, the results will have consequences.

President Obama’s first official act was to close Guantanamo Bay, a prison island used to house 245 hardened terrorist. He reduced our government’s methods of interrogating these terrorist and granted them further rights even though their vow is to destroy America.  Many will now be given further rights or even Constitutional rights!  He reduced our government’s methods of interrogating these terrorist, including waterboarding, which saved thousands of lives in the May 2005 plot to hijack airliners into buildings in Los Angeles.  He granted the terrorists further legal rights and even Constitutional rights even though their vow is to destroy America.    Other terrorists have been released to return to the battle field to wage war on our military once again or plan their next attack against American interests.  For all who criticized President Bush, he kept America safe from a terrorist attack 2,866 days since September 11, 2001.  President Obama and the Democrats have made America less safe as they have reduced our intelligence and interrogation ability to prevent a future terrorist attack.

The Obama administration also avoids any mention of “terrorism” and “vulnerability” in any discussion. A terrorist act will now be called a “manmade disaster” and the “Global War on Terror” will now be called an “Oversees Contingency Operation” by the Obama administration.  Instead, they have no problem labeling Conservatives who oppose abortion, favor strict immigration enforcement, support the Second Amendment, protest big government or represents veterans that believe in any of the above as potential “domestic terrorists” that our government should watch.

Next he signed the largest spending bill in the history of the world filled with excess money to payback liberal Democrat donors and other special interest organizations.  Throwing a trillion dollars not only increases our national debt to 12 trillion dollars; but the consequences will be a weaker dollar (with little value) and high inflation resulting in high energy costs and consumer items in the near future.  This will only put a future strangle on the economy.

As Commander and Chief, Obama has shown his interest for global appeasement rather than defending the American soldier. The job of our military has become more difficult. Liberals blame our military as violent killers. Military cases by troops being tried and convicted for killing the enemy will continue to rise. They will be used as a sacrificial lamb on the altar of global appeasement.

Serious conflicts will increase in Israel. Israel understands the Obama victory meant American protection will cease. Israel has to defend its nation.  Look for Israel to strike Iran soon. Iran has vowed to wipe Israel off the map and will have a nuclear bomb within two years

President Obama traveled to Europe apologizing for America, bowing to the Saudi King, and later meeting with the dictators of the world that hate America.  He then told a Muslim country, we are not a Christian nation even though this country was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and the principles that formed the government of this country in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

As President Obama granted the terrorist more rights, he will dismantle and erode our individual and Constitutional rights “for our own good.” Look for further restrictions on gun ownership, homeschooling, and encourage dependence on the ever growing federal government.

President Obama will appoint radical liberal judges to the courts to legislate their policies into law. He will appoint judges as he appointed David Ogden to Deputy Attorney General, a man who believes child pornography is free speech, homosexuality “is a normal form of human sexuality” and traditional marriage is “prejudice.”  What the liberal Democrats can ot change in the Constitution through legislation, they will be able to change though judicial activism.

While abortion is a controversial issue, let’s remember that Barack Obama was the ONLY senator in the Illinois State Senate to vote against providing medical care for babies who survived an abortion.  In his first week as president, he gave one billion dollars to abortion agencies outside America, although 4,000 abortions are performed in America each day. He and the congress seek to pass the Freedom of Choice Act to allow abortions to be performed in the last trimester of the pregnancy, even days or hours before the baby is to be born.

President Obama has stated he does not mind if gas goes up “gradually”. He believes high gas will force people to use their vehicle less while promoting “green” vehicles.  America has more oil than Saudi Arabia and enough oil and natural gas to be independent of foreign oil for more than 100 years. Yet, liberal Democrats and Obama will stop any attempt to drill for oil in America.

Then came the dictatorship in training of President Obama’s command that General Motors president step down from leadership of his company and turn over control of the company to the union that supported his presidency.  Yes, in a land of free markets, an American president now has the self given power to fire CEOs at his centurion command.

While President Obama has handed the presidency by a fawning media, a bevy of nameless and unaccounted foreign donors, the endorsement of every major terrorist organization in the world, as well as a populace who voted on color rather than what is right and wrong, America got the government we deserve.  The “can do” and “must do” Americans of the past has been replaced by “ what will the government do for me?” Americans  of today.  The result will be the drama and consequence of what America will look like tomorrow.

 Frank Aquila
President South
San Joaquin Republicans