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There are men still afraid of strong women
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

It’s hard to believe that there are still men like I. Brent Bozell III, that are still afraid of strong women. But, then, with a name like that, he really has to carry on the male chauvinist banner!

In referring to Bozell the 3rd’s column in the May 16 Bulletin, yes, Brent there are still women that need men’s approval and reject the feminist label. After all, what other “war” has there been where the “enemies” live together in the same household? 

And, yes, it’s sad enough when there are men that are afraid of strong women, feminists, but when other women are, it really hurts. I know many, many men that are wonderful feminists. Yes, smart men are not afraid of women’s equality, of strong women. I have three sons, and two daughters that proudly call themselves feminists. Their spouses are delighted. 

Now, at age 81 I call myself a “retired feminist,” as I do not have the energy to continue to promote change. But, I have the time to write some simple facts.

The meaning of feminism is, at the base, just “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.” How is belief that women should be equal to men under the law hating men?

Feminism does NOT mean that we hate men. We love them, “in their place.” Also, we love humor, when it is not putting down women. It’s funny that when we feminists started coming back at men with a few zingers, it was called “male bashing,” but the millions of jokes for hundreds of years about mother-in-laws were never called “women-bashing!” You just considered them funny jokes! Still today, while I never hear racist jokes anymore, there are still sexist jokes being told.

Actually, the very young Shailene really must think that men are not as strong as women, if she believes that we could take away their power. Also, balance would be women and men having equal power—balance, not one sided power.

Of course, there are some feminists that are strident and a “bore.” We are only human, after all! There are radical men and women in every movement, every political party. But, Brent, where did you get the idea that we are afraid of debate? Tired or not, I’ll still take anyone on—male or female. 


Kathryn W. Swain