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There are things we can do to help victims of wildfires
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

My friend, Evelyn Morrow, called me Friday morning regarding the very touching story about the efforts being made by Jeff Liotard at Mountain Mike’s and his efforts for the people completely without resources due to the horrible fire in that beautiful area.   During our talk I pointed out that while I don’t have the types of things that are of immediate need, there is one thing that I bet every single woman in Manteca has an excess of.

 I’m talking about shoes, clothes, purses (every woman needs at least one, I probably have 30, 27 of which I never use);  I have probably 12 different types of totes that could be used to include soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes,  and I could go on and on.  And in this case of an emergency situation the amount of money needed to fill those totes with necessities could be negated by a visit to our dollar stores here in town.  Trust me, when you don’t have those types of things readily available you won’t care if they didn’t cost $10 a bottle.

Every time there is a flood or hurricane I keep waiting for a church here in town to say they are collecting these types of supplies and  all I hear is “donate to the Red Cross.”  Which is a wonderful organization and I agree that money has to be the number one priority.   But, I have four sliding door closets and a walk-in closet that are filled with clothes, some of which still have the tags on them, and then there  are all the drawers just stuffed with blouses, T-shirts, things I’ve forgotten I have and will never use.  

 I am an elderly woman on a fixed income, can’t donate much money, although I’m glad a week ago I did donate to the Food Bank.  I’m glad to hear that maybe that helped with Jeff’s Thanksgiving meals.  

 Anyway, just thought I’d pass along my feelings, I’d like to help, I know I could clothe a bunch of women with what is hanging in my closet.  The things are crammed so close together in one closet that if a blouse fell off a hanger it wouldn’t land on the floor.   

 Dolores Towne