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There ought to be a law
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Thanks for Glenn Kahl’s detailed coverage of this event in Marsala court on March 14-15.

This was a terrifying disturbance to all the residents of this neighborhood.

The police have said all this guy had was a very realistic pistol that only shoots blanks.

The guy’s explanation that he was defending his house has not been proved by any evidence. You also wonder why he would be engaged in an imaginary gun battle armed only with a gun firing blanks.

Fortunately this episode did not result in any injury to himself or peace officers.

Unfortunately this episode will result in thousands of dollars being added to our city’s budget by this individual’s lack of judgment or common sense.  

We the taxpayers will foot this bill for this foolishness.

Also, unfortunately, there are no laws covering this type of disturbance.

He will not have to pay one dollar, nor is he to be charged with anything.
John Morrisette
April 17, 2009