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They stole Christmas decorations from yard
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I would like to use your paper as my forum of “thanking” the individual (s) for trying to squelch my Christmas spirit. 
On Saturday, Dec. 23, I woke up to find Christmas lawn cut-outs stolen from my yard. A candy cane disappeared and a 6-foot snowman fought to stay at his home.  Apparently when his arm broke off it caught the thieves off guard and they discarded him on the corner of my lot. I don’t pretend to think I shall ever get the candy cane back and although I filed a police report I truly hope you are never caught. My wish for this most wonderful time of year is for you or your children to sometime make something and have someone steal or destroy it for you.  My friends have offered to repair my snowman and we can make do with the 4 candy canes left so, you see, our spirit will prevail.  Merry Christmas to all

Mary Beth Jew