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Things arent improving in Manteca
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I am writing in response to Linda Silverman’s letter (“To those characterizing Manteca council members,” Feb. 14) and how I completely disagree with her argument. I’m a little insulted that Mrs. Silverman feels the need to “educate” ordinary people on the hard work it takes to run for office.

I think most people are aware that it takes a large time commitment to run for office and be a politician. If you step up to serve, you have a responsibility to answer to the people about what you’re doing to improve the city. I’m sure the Mayor and Council are all nice people like Mrs. Silverman claims, but I judge them by their results. I don’t think things are improving under her husband’s watch or the mayor’s. I don’t have sympathy for the effort if the results aren’t there.

Mrs. Silverman argues that Ben Cantu is stuck in the “ancient past.” I’ve lived in Manteca for more than 40 years. I think the Mayor and the Council are stuck in 1975. They still think Downtown is prospering, homes are cheap and abundant, and roads and parks are in tip-top shape. They must think so if they’ve had years to do something about it, and nothing has gotten better.

I completely believe that there is a “good old boys” network going on in the City, between developers and politicians. It’s why there is never any new ideas and change never happens. At least Ben Cantu is trying to change things and make the City better. It doesn’t sound like the special interests like him, but that makes me like him more and more.

Angela Smith