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This is 2018 and things change
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Ben Cantu stated public services in Manteca are diminishing and have been this way for decades.
First off our fire department has done a great job in responding to the needs of Manteca residents. They are working on our fifth fire station and have also hired a new battalion chief from outside the city.
Hopefully he remembers the article that most of the money collected by our taxes goes to the San Joaquin County and not the city.
As we continue to grow Mayor Steve DeBrum has made sure we’ve had a balanced budget, and along with the City Council, he has always been available at City functions. The council shows their support for the residents of Manteca.
Unfortunately the only time I hear anything from Mr. Cantu is when it becomes to time to run for Mayor or City Council. The people spoke Mr. Cantu and did not vote you in.
You talked about the goals and implementation policies from the 70s and 80s. We are almost to 2018, that’s over 40 years ago and things change.
One suggestion would be to roll up your sleeves and participate during the year, to be truthful the only thing I have heard about you are the terrible parking lots approved by your department while working for the City.

C. Lazetera