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Those who believe in God are not on fringe
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
As a Christian, I put my faith in God; not any political party. I believe a person only has credibility to take a stand on an issue and tell it like it is.  I have disagreed with both political parties in the past as both Obama and Bush are globalist.  We need a president that will put America first.  Scott Sadlowski, however, has sucked up the Democrat Kool Aid and game plan to accuse others of manipulation while he, himself, twists the truth with his own lies and deception.

In my recent letter “Obama: Messiah or Anti- Christ?”, I point out President Obama is neither a messiah or the anti- Christ, even though others have made accusations of both.  Sadlowski claims the term “Messiah” was a “GOP ploy”.  My letter pointed out that Louis Farrakan, head of the Nation of Islam, in America and others within the Democrat party have and still today claim that Obama is the “messiah” that is “going to save us”, which is the reason this issue became a topic.  The point of the letter was to show Obama’s stance against Israel, a new aged world, and support for European Socialism that brings us toward a one world government, prophesies of the Bible. I point out nearly 5,000 prophesies are listed through out the Old and New Testaments with nearly 90% of those prophesies already fulfilled.  What the Obama administration is doing is alligning the rest of these prophesies perfectly.  A follow up letter by Robert Blanch also pointed out the plan to devalue the dollar, which would lead us toward a one world currency called the “Amero”.  The way this would have to occur is by the devaluing of the dollar, which, ironically, the Obama administration did just that on Wednesday.  Watch as the value of the dollar has been falling, you will also see the cost of oil began to rise as our dollar will be weak which it will cost Americans more to buy foreign oil.  Our economy will be heading for further problems in the future as inflation will skyrocket and there will be little value on the dollar.  With this problem and other problems such as no money available for Social Security and an out of control National Debt as well as the plan to make a National Health Care system, our country will collapse economically.

I do not mind if Sadlowski disagrees with me; but he is wrong to lie and attack those who believe in God’s Word as a “fringe” that is out of touch.  He went as far to say that I should be removed as the president of the South San Joaquin Republicans.  I believe a leader is one who leads rather than just doing what is politically correct.  That is why many of our leaders today are cowards who cannot lead.  They have to take polls to make their decisions.  Respect can only be given to those who can think for themselves, which, sadly, Sadlowski cannot do.
 Frank Aquila
President, South San Joaquin Republicans
March 20, 2009