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Three strikes for President Trump
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
After two weeks of signing Executive Orders like he was a Pop Star signing autographs, then early morning Shame Tweeting his displeasure over anyone who publicly opposed any of his actions, he seems to have pushed his luck and now has two strikeouts.
1. The unconstitutional and unlawful Muslim Ban from seven Muslim countries — seven countries which never supplied any U.S. terrorists and killed zero Americans. Saudi Arabia, who supplied the majority of the 9-11 hijackers was not on the list, could it be because it was one of the few countries left out because of Trump business dealings in those countries. After all the protests at every major Airport in the country, Administration Spokesman Sean Sphincter tried to play it down by claiming the Ban only applied to about 109 people (Blatant Lie #1) but according to court documents, it turned out to be more like 60k-100k revoked travel Visas. Several Federal judges in several cities in the country put partial holds on the EO but today, a Federal Judge in Seattle (A Republican appointed by George W. Bush) put a stay on the whole thing, Nationally. Of course the Twitter Tweaker responded by referring to the federal judge as a “So-Called” Judge and promising “Death and Destruction” because of the ruling.
Strikeout #1.
2. The disastrous military raid in Yemen which resulted in the death of one Navy Seal, several more wounded, the loss of one Osprey $80 million helicopter, also resulting in at least 14 civilians killed, including women and children. This botched operation once again brought out Spokesman Sean Sphincter to claim the whole operation was an Obama plan when it clearly was not. (Blatant Lie #2) This particular plan was never brought before the Obama Administration. What was brought up to Obama was a request from the Pentagon to take such a plan into consideration. Since this request was put forth on Nov. 8th., the Obama Administration decided to delay any action until the new Administration was in place and they could take the necessary procedural steps to get joint approval and input from all the National Security agencies, the CIA, State Department, etc., which was the procedure the Obama Administration took in any of these kinds of military operations.
This was not the procedures followed by the new Administration. Too lazy to get up from the dinner table and go to the Situation Room, and too ‘smart’ for intelligence briefings it was all decided over a Dinner hosted by Trump with his Son-in-Law, Real-Estate Executive, Jerrod Krustner, Steve Bannon and a few of Trump’s inner circle. It wasn’t in the Situation Room, it was at Dinner with two Real-Estate Executives, the former producer of Brietbart News and a couple of other members of the inner circle. Apparently in a failed attempt to make the operation look like it was not a complete failure, the Administration trotted out a video tape of what looked like captured electronic gear maybe holding enemy secret information, which at first glance looked somewhat legit, however it turned out the video was over ten years old. (Yet another blatant lie). It was no surprise the whole fiasco would be a total failure. Strikeout #2.
Everyone knows most of these EOs Trump has signed are strictly for show and aimed at the Trump Base and don’t mean much at all, for example those like the Great Mexican Border Wall which requires Congressional funding. (Congress controls the purse strings, not Trump). Once the people actually realize it will be the people who pay for that wall (Twice and forever more), the first time up-front then again and again after Trump imposes a 20% Tariff on Mexican imports and we all start paying 20% more for all things Mexican like our Avocados during the football season. That will surely result in a Strikeout #3. Seems Mudvilles’ mighty Casey has struck out.... three times and counting...

Larry Baca