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Time for a NorCal tax revolt
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The state gas tax increases Nov. 1 is a result of decisions by Governor Brown and the legislature.
They also agreed to reimburse Los Angeles $280 million for any loss they incur as a result of hosting the 2024 Olympics. They also agreed to spend $30 million to fight the deportation of illegals. It is my contention that this expenditure was preconceived prior to the gas tax initiative.
Now they have placed an initiative on the ballot for $4 billion for affordable housing. We the taxpayers shouldn’t pay for low cost housing for people. I worked two jobs to help pay for my first house, I didn’t have a damn thing given to me. Increasing gas tax to funnel to Southern California for a refund for an Olympic loss is a scam to the taxpayers of California. They shouldn’t have obligated themselves to vying for this event knowing they could lose a large amount in hosting this event. First and foremost the mayor of Los Angeles should have passed on the Olympics. To lose millions on the Olympics would result in a huge deficit, that is why the mayor of Los Angeles wanted a guarantee from the state they would cover the loss. Thirty million dollars to hire lawyers to represent  illegals was preconceived as well
I suggest shooting the gas tax down and let Los Angeles lapse into a deficit. I resent the hell out of paying for this loss by taxing Californians at the pump. It would a lengthy time before any of this tax benefited Northern California. Californians condemn President Trump on his policies, while you let Jerry Brown scam the heck out of us taxpayers. I ask you what will Northern California derive from this gas tax?
I am a firm believer that Northern California needs a huge tax revolt to deny Jerry Brown funneling our taxes to Southern California. It appears that the only way to retain Northern California share of taxes is to place an initiative on the ballot to divide the state. It should be passed this time around for the good of Northern California. Some $4 billion affordable housing isn’t something we should be obligated to. I suggest voting against the gas tax when its repeal qualifies for the ballot.

Fleener Richards