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Time for reflection
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

It is time for Americans to reflect on the decisions that will determine our future. We are facing two distinct ideologies of government and the tide will turn one way or the other in the 2010 election.

A brief look at the facts will give an indication of which way is best. First, there are admittedly several countries in Europe that have been under a Socialist system for decades. Unless the mainstream media is hiding it there is no mass migration to those countries because their system is so much better. There is no reported mass exodus from the USA because the free market system is so bad.

While it is true that the recent prosperity has led to greed and corruption in both government and business, there is no evidence that the free market system needs to be destroyed. It has however led to dissatisfaction on the part of enough people that they saw a distinct need for “change”. They were in fact so disillusioned that they voted for “change” without any knowledge of the kind of “change” intended.

In recent news there are reports that socialist North Korea has a food shortage of one million tons a year. The largest contributor of aid is not socialist China or Russia but free market South Korea.

Finally if the “spread the wealth” system is so good why is there no news of the Democratic Party leaders taking the “patriotic” lead in sharing? Even in the current health care reform there is no proof that they are going to be on the government plan. If it is so good for the country we should expect Speaker Pelosi, Senators Reid, Dodd, Franks and Boxer and Vice President Biden to become the example.

Just these few facts should give Americans reason to reflect on our future and decide if we really do want the “change” being forced on us.

Jerry Johnson
Oct. 18, 2009