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Time for this city to bring back Manteca & get rid of Oakland
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Manteca is very close to becoming a war zone. The mind set the City Council has is to build more houses to get money to operate this city. Cutting police is their idea of savings. Allowing crime to increase a little will help business because the gangs have to buy food and have a place to live and the money that they take.

We need an audit of city tax in relationship to retirement and operations. Bring the police force back up to four more than we need. Back them up from the lawsuits and with a good leader to design a sweep to send a message – don’t come here to get a job in crime. Explain that anyone that provides a safe house for these gangs are in the gangs. It is narcotics that is the new business and gangs are making it work. Wake up!

These shootings are a message of intimidation to show they are here.

A special unit of 10 should be created with their only job being to sweep this city of “Oakland” and bring back Manteca. A lock down at Kaiser Hospital after the shooting Tuesday: Wow!

Larry Scrivner
June 9, 2012