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Time to confront the race hustlers
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Let’s talk about race.

I watched Bobby Bivens (president of the NAACP Stockton branch) go off on racism at last Tuesday night’s Manteca Unified school board meeting. The race hustlers never ever looked at the horrific social behavior of large portions of their own race in spite of what Leo Cauchon would try and make you believe.

In the last 35 years, there have been over 329,000 black on black murders and growing each day. There were 58,220 casualties in the Vietnam War. Obama’s hometown Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country and the black on black murders are off the charts every week. As of two months ago, Baltimore had 50 black on black murders just in 2015. I could list endless statistics. The dishonest corrupt state run media has an agenda to only show white felons so the raw truth is hidden.

Ferguson, MO was looted and burned all based on a lie which is being perpetuated by the state run media. Enough good blacks testified that there were ‘no hands up, don’t shoot’ and that Mike Brown did try to get the policeman’s gun. There were no shots in Brown’s back.

Baltimore had been looted and burned by blacks without the evidence of how Fred Grey died. Baltimore is the third largest recipients of endless welfare programs for blacks in the U.S. and yet it is a war zone. It has been run black Democrats for decades. Why can’t they get it right?

Most of the blacks who took their books home from school and did their homework instead of running the streets and listening to gangsta rap got jobs and did OK. I worked with about 20 high school-graduated blacks for over 30 years. They were just like anyone else, raising their families and being responsible at work. These folks are never held up as role models by the race hustlers. The race hustlers are always there to make saints out of law breakers. Right, Cauchon?

This country has bent over backwards to help backs with endless welfare, HUD housing, food stamps, free education, free lunch and more. Some people even try to scam the welfare department to get more than their free share. I get so infuriated with the same old race hustlers putting the blame on everyone but the people who are committing the crimes. The race hustlers never go find excellent black role models for the black people to look up to or try to model themselves after and there are many.

There is a person who speaks at the school board meetings often who is so concerned about the disproportionate amount of black kids who get suspended. They get suspended because they got caught doing something that warranted suspension and nothing else. It’s like a school board member who has 10 felonies and tries to worm her embarrassing position by yelling about Selma (Alabama) and what people have gone through. Ridiculous!

Bivens brought up Obama a few times that night. Has anyone noticed that the Obamas take the whitest and most expensive vacations of all the presidents? The hypocrisy runs very deep. It’s time for black leaders to do everything they can to change the social behavior of their race.

It’s time that everyone quits being timid cowards and speaks up. Get the facts and use them when someone at the school board meeting tires to lie to you with false narratives. It’s time to confront the race hustlers with facts.


Kim Reichhelm