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Time to increase Measure M tax to full cent
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

Throughout history things repeat themselves.

Now all of a sudden the public safety tax issue has popped up.

City staff and the “Good Old Boy” Manteca City Council is now scheming and plotting sneaky ways to sting the taxpayers. They say another tax is needed for police and fire. Wasn’t Measure M supposed to be sufficient enough to meet the needs of the Manteca Police Department and Manteca Fire Department? Now they say more tax dollars are need. It is time to lay this tax issue for rest once and for all.

Crime is running rampant and soaring out of control. Elderly people are being beaten and robbed in their own home during the day. This has to be curtailed once and for all.

The fire department is in need of a new fire station and several new fire trucks plus at least nine new firemen. The station on Powers Avenue is badly in need of repair. None of it can be done without more tax dollars being collected.

In order for this to be done — and I don’t like it nor does anyone else — it means another tax. The tax is needed for public safety to be No. 1. I, therefore, think our council should put on the ballot in the upcoming election in November to increase the current Measure M sales tax to a full cent. The voters can decide if they want to either vote for this tax or reject it.

Remember, public safety is on the line. This tax should be sufficient enough to supply funding for the police chief and fire chief to bolster the man power they need to keep our city safe. Remember, it is the men and women of both the Manteca Police Department and Manteca Fire Department that put their lives on the line to keep our city and citizens safe.

Manteca is growing rapidly and public safety must be No. 1.


Fred Millner