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Time to say no to new sales taxes
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The headline in the Manteca Bulletin on Feb. 4, 2010, says a push is on for another tax headed by some “fat cat” joint city county criminal justice task force, seeking to sting the taxpayers for more taxes.

They say it is to provide more money for the overcrowding at the county jail. I would like to know where this survey was conducted. I was not contacted by anyone doing a survey. This is just another sneaky way to sting the tax payers for more money. People are tired of paying more taxes due to the blunder and careless spending by city and county and state government. It is time for the taxpayers to say no to more taxes.

Police Chief Dave Bricker, you are right. Due to the current economic climate this is a bad time for some “fat cat group” to sting the taxpayers for more money. The taxpayers of our fair city already have been stung for a so-called “Measure M Tax” which was a fluke. No doubt this sneaky tax proposal to once again sting the taxpayers would also be a fluke. We have the highest tax rate of any city around, and now it is time to say no to more taxes.
Fred Millner
Feb. 4, 2010