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Tired of driveway being used as a potty
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
At one time Manteca was a real “Leave It To Beaver” nice clean little town. We had a siren several times a day, a five o’clock horn, and an eight o’clock whistle. What most people will remember is the single flashing light, right in the center of town. Our nice little town was clean and safe. At five o’clock there was an exodus from the high school pool to the train station for the mail train that would toss out butterscotch candies when it came flying by along with tossing out the mail bag and grabbing the one hanging there with a hook. It is a wonder none of us was run over by that speeding train.
The people in charge really cared about the town people, not what they leave behind. Manteca has become a dirty little town to live in. The city employees try very hard to keep up with the mess left by homeless people. They are fighting a losing battle because the laws set by the people in charge have the hands tied of those who can solve this. It is almost like the people in charge want our town to be a mess.
Just look around town at the piles of trash left behind. Look at that little park behind the post office. Their messy stuff is everywhere. Why are the people in charge making that mess my problem? It should be their problem.
Well, if you have read my posts enough to know I have a plan to fix this problem. So, here’s the deal: There are five people on the City Council? The council members, with their money, should  rent a couple of Storer buses and round up every homeless, transient persons and put them on a nice clean bus, along with all of their stuff. Take their names and information, then divide them up evenly amongst  the council members and have the council members put them up in their homes.
It is the policy of the council members creating this mess, so make it their problem, not mine, to take care of the homeless. I want the council members to know what it is like to have their driveway, between the cars used as a potty. So council members, it is your problem, you fix it with your money, not mine.
Whose fault is it that Manteca is turning into a dirty little town? The fault is we the voters who vote these people in that do not care about we the people, but only themselves and personal agenda.
I should be mayor, my longtime friend, and his two sisters along with my cousin and one of my brothers can fix this mess, and clean up this town.
Gary J. Duran