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To Lathrop leaders: Get your own dog pound & school district
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I have been reading lately about the goings on with the Lathrop City Council. I have a few suggestions for you: (1.) Stop acting like babies and start acting like the adults that you are supposed to be. (2.) Start looking into forming your own school district so you can stop complaining how Manteca is treating you like a step-child. (3.) Get your own dog pound. There are quite a few people that I have talked to that live here in Manteca that feel that Lathrop is leeching off of Manteca’s resources when we don’t have the money for it.  

Yes, we do have people living in Lathrop that work in Manteca and vice versa, but I feel it’s time for Lathrop to put up or shut up when it comes for them to have civic pride with their own departments. If Ripon can do most of this (if not all) on their own then so can Lathrop. I have more respect for Ripon than Lathrop on these issues.
Stephanie Barnard
October 14, 2009