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To those protesting the election
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Those of us that sincerely believe and support the Constitution of the USA understand that our form of government will only last and function properly as long as we all truly believe in democracy instead of just giving lip service to it like the fascists did in Germany or the communists in Russia and Eastern Europe. Fight for your ideas, speak freely, and use the almighty pen. But once the election is over, we all accept the results because we do believe in democracy.
Those that take to the streets to burn up buildings and intimidate the electorate remind me of the brown shirts of not so long ago. Yes, I am one of those conservatives that voted for Trump.
And yes, I am also one of those that did not protest and burned up buildings 8 years ago when Obama was elected. I accepted the constitutionally elected leader of this country 8 years ago just as I expect the rest of the country to honor the decision of the electorate now. Anything less than that is asking for anarchy and a disregard of the Constitution. If you don’t like Trump, go to the polls 4 years from now and vote for somebody else. But, here is the kicker: Perhaps you should give a chance to his ideas first. He might just not ratchet up the Cold War rhetoric like Hillary would have. He might not just shoot down Russian MIGs in Syria to start WWIII as opposed to Hillary (she did promise to set up a “No fly zone in Syria” - I take it, most of us, informed ones, realize what that would have meant).
He might also lower the corporate income taxes, which today are the highest in the industrialized world, and entice companies to set up manufacturing plants in the US, instead of China, Costa Rica or Malaysia. Trump might also get rid of some of the unnecessary regulatory burden that chokes off industry and forces them to relocate to third world countries. Trump might also incent companies, like Apple Computer, with whom I am intimately familiar with, to bring back the 3 trillion dollars that sit in overseas bank accounts instead of being used as capital investment in this country! Trump might just really enforce border security similar to all countries in the world, including Mexico, China, Guatemala, Russia, Spain... you get the idea, I really don’t need to list them all. We might just have a president that will have the interest of the working men, the blue collar worker, the plumber, the electrician, the automobile assembly line worker, instead of the Wall Street Traders from JP Morgan and other corporate raiders that fattened the wallet of Hillary Clinton.
 Trump just might not get paid off by regimes hostile to women, like Saudi Arabia and allow all to prosper to their natural abilities. Trump might finally do something about the inner cities like Baltimore, Detroit and Chicago. Trump might just really do something about 60% of the black youth in the ages of 18-24 that are unemployed and have nothing to look  forward to other crime and drugs. After 40 years of democratic control in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and other cities, Trump might really have the interest of all those downtrodden people at heart and do something more to them than an increase in their welfare checks, the only thing that Hillary and the liberals have ever promised to those people.
Yes, Trump is a revolution of the people against the fat cats of the Nancy Pelosis, the race riot instigators like Al Sharpton and the exploitation of the blue collar workers by the Wall Street Traders that cozied up to Hillary and her liberal elitist friends.
The media is shocked. The elitist academia is stunned. And the thugs that want to exploit the freedom that our Constitution affords, are burning up buildings. But there are more of us that have the heart of the people and are ready to defend our rights and are willing to uphold the Constitution. 

Peter Vadasz