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To understand Trump, read 1984
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I once thought Pat Buchanan had a couple of good ideas. How stupid of me. His rant about the adversary press was guess where; right there in the press that he feels is so liberally slanted.  He has had issues with the press for praising Hitler, racist comments that got him fired from MSNBC and others I chose not to pry into.
He praised Trump for going to Pennsylvania instead of the White House Correspondents Association dinner.  Trump had to go somewhere where the questions, if there were any, and the analysis if there was any, was much less analytical of how little he has accomplished in first hundred days.  I will say, he has managed to play a lot of golf at Mar a Logo.
You know, I just reread George Orwell’s “1984.”  It is once again a best seller and well worth reading.  Those who read it may conclude that Trump has patterned some of his philosophy and political behavior directly from it.  Remember, the three basic premises of Big Brother were “War is peace, Ignorance is strength, and Freedom is slavery.” . Just how ‘truth” itself is managed in that novel speaks volumes about Trump.  I wish I could be optimistic that a lot of his strongest supporters are actually well read and might actually have read or would read “1984” but I am not.  Just learning how Big Brother’s “Ministry of Truth” deals with truth makes it worth the read.

Mike Killingsworth