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Treat illegal kids well & send them home
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

Larry Baca is as usual wrong (Your Views, “Irked by apparent bigotry over children”).

Does he not know the meaning of illegal?

We should treat the children well, feed them and send them immediately back to where they came from. By shipping them home they will have a safer trip home than they had getting here.

We cannot take care of our own poor in this country.

Why is it OK to bring in a bunch of illegals and offer them a better chance at good education than our own kids can get?

My own kids and grandkids are taxed so high now, they can barely stay above the poverty level but there is no aid of any kind for them.

These illegal kids will have language problems, health problems and it entitles their parents to welfare help. I feel no obligation to help illegals no matter what age they are.

It makes no sense to borrow more money just to give it away to illegals when we cannot take care of our own, seniors, veterans, and homeless children.

Elizabeth Kitchen