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Trump labels press critics as liberals
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Larry Elder (His column “Trump eviscerates liberal media: what took so long?” that ran Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017) loves to whine about the liberal media and their mistreatment of the president. 
Larry cherry picks his examples of the so-called liberal media. He also cherry picks his sources of history on the great depression and FDR’s role in bringing the country out of it.  He states that many economists disagree that he did so. He doesn’t name a single one, but like Trump’s mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway, he switches to what some economists said led to the depression. I think Larry makes a good Step and Fetch It Uncle Tom for the current administration.  Whatever massa Trump says, he defends and trumpets to anyone who will listen.  If any press exposes the negative aspects of Trump’s behavior they are simply, and I do mean simply, labeled as liberals; terribly one sided liberals. 
Attacking the media and telling those who write or say negative stuff about the president to shut up is designed to squelch the first amendment rights of a free press. For a good example of the number of conservative mouthpieces in the media, go online to and look at all of those who espouse conservative viewpoints.  Then do a Google search, or any search, of “The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio.”  Yes, there are some liberal media sources, but the idea that the media as a whole is strongly liberal is pure baloney. 

Mike Killingsworth