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Try doing what a PG&E lineman does during a storm like Tuesday
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Oh, boo hoo Mr. Kahl, (Glenn Kahl column, Oct. 14: “Forgotten in a flurry of PG&E service calls) my husband works for PG&E and he has been “out there” since he left home Tuesday at 4 a.m.! He along with many other men and women have been working non-stop, in horrendous winds and un-forgiving rain, to restore power after that huge whopper of a storm! At least you were in your home, sheltered by your four walls and roof, eating your dinner from your heated gas stove and I’m going to assume taking a hot shower since you didn’t complain about cold water!

Yes my husband chose his profession and I’m not voicing complaints regarding that. What ticks me off are people such as yourself who have no common sense or logic, to understand that the “power” cannot just magically appear with the flip of a switch, it takes human effort to make that happen. These hard working men and women try to do the best they can, given the circumstances. They try to provide the biggest impact they can to remedy the situation by turning on the power to the largest areas(i.e.; 3 blocks of homes will be concentrated on before an area with 4 homes out.). I do feel for you being without power for that long, but the next time you feel the need to vent your frustration, try going out in your backyard for the next 14 hours and standing there, in the wind, rain and dark and maybe being inside that dark house won’t seem so bad! Oh and by the way, those 11 linemen South San Joaquin Irrigation District is planning on hiring?

Think your power would be on any faster with them trying to service Manteca, Ripon and Escalon? Forget about it! They wouldn’t be “pulling in help” from surrounding areas as they have stated. The surrounding areas had their own problems to deal with in the past 24 hours. More than likely your home might still be sitting without power!
 Lynn Allen
Oct. 14, 2009