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Try to get Camping World or Frys Electronics
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Piggybacking on Lois Davis’ suggestion of replacing Best Buy, how about suggesting Camping World as a new tenant? Manteca is smack-dab in the middle of recreation heaven in California with the Delta and the Sierra and Yosemite National Park.

Best Buy’s storefront, along with Bass Pro Shops are the most market-valuable, as they face Highway 120. If one is looking for a Camping World store now, their nearest chain store is in Vacaville, Rocklin, or Morgan Hill. Somebody’s missing out on a huge market opportunity. Besides, there’s plenty of parking in that lot to accommodate larger RVs.

As an alternative further still, and if you wanted to keep an entertainment/electronics vendor there, what about bringing a Fry’s Electronics to Manteca. Like Camping World, we’re an underserved area, having to travel to Concord, Fremont, or Sacramento to shop there.

Even so, Trader Joe’s would be good too! I just think that any major retailer NOT grabbing that store front is missing out on a huge opportunity. I know Camping World and Fry’s would bring more customers and tax revenue to Manteca, and not just from us residents of 95336-95337!

This is where our city’s Business Development group takes the ball!

Tom Rogers


April 22, 2010